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Stella Ellis | Size Sexy The Book
Confidence is sexy. And to be confident, you have to be comfortable in your own skin. Women, these days, are forced to watch abnormally thin women walk the runways and fill the magazine pages. Most of us, no matter how hard we tried, would never look like the women that are our 'models'. But Stella Ellis is a model - and even though many of us don't look like her either, she represents all women who are not a size 2, age 22, and too good to be true. Stella is a real woman, serious about her look and her message. She is an advocate for beauty no matter what the context. Combining unique perspective with a strong and sure voice, Stella teaches women how to become comfortable in their own skin, relish their size, wear clothing that is flattering, get creative, carry themselves proudly, and finally get happy.

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